Banking Terms: Subprime Loan,EVA,class action suit

What is a Subprime Loan

A subprime loan is made to customers who typically have low credit scores and histories of payment defaults or bankruptcies. Subprime offers the opportunity for borrowers with less than ideal credit standing to gain access to funds. Borrowers use this credit to purchase homes, or finance other forms of spending such as purchasing a car, paying for living expenses, housing loan, or even paying down a high interest credit card.

Define EVA

Enterprise value (EV), Total enterprise value (TEV), or Firm value (FV) is an economic measure reflecting the market value of the whole business. It is a sum of claims of all the security-holders: debtholders, preferred shareholders, minority shareholders, common equity holders, and others. Enterprise value is one of the fundamental metrics used in business valuation, financial modeling, accounting, portfolio analysis, etc

What do you understand by class action suit
A lawsuit brought by one party on behalf of a group of individuals all having the same grievance.

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