Maths formuals- For Easy Reference

(1) If a quadrilateral circumscribes a circle , the sum of a pair of opposite sides is equal to the sum of the other pair .

(2)The sum of an infinite GP = a/(1-r) , where a and r are resp. the first term and common ratio of the GP .

(3)The equation whose roots are the reciprocal of the roots of the equation
ax^2+bx+c is cx^2+bx+a

(4) The coordinates of the centroid of a triangle with vertices (a,b) (c,d) (e,f)
is((a+c+e)/3 , (b+d+f)/3) .

(5) The ratio of the radii of the circumcircle and incircle of an equilateral triangle is 2:1 .

(6) Area of a parallelogram = base * height

(7)APPOLLONIUS THEOREM: In a triangle , if AD be the median to the side BC , then
AB^2 + AC^2 = 2(AD^2 + BD^2) or 2(AD^2 + DC^2) .

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