Fundamentals of Organizing-Introduction

Organizing is a very important managerial function. If planning focuses on deciding what to do, organizing focuses on how to do it. Thus, after a manager has set goals and worked out a plan to accomplish those goals, the next managerial function is to organize people and allocate resources to carry out the plan.

People who know how to make effective use of their resources can make any organizational design or pattern work efficiently. A manager has to create the right conditions to enable the employees to effectively utilize the resources of the organization to achieve organizational goals. He has to make the employees understand the necessity of cooperation for accomplishing tasks. Employees should understand their roles and responsibilities and should work together to achieve the organizational objectives. This applies to any organization – business, government, or a football team. For a subordinate to understand his role, a manager must provide verifiable objectives and a clear picture of the major duties to be performed. The manager must also specify subordinates’ authority and responsibility. This gives the subordinate an idea of what he must do to achieve the goals and objectives of the organization. In addition, a manager should provide the subordinates with necessary information and tools for effectively performing their roles. Organizing is therefore designing and maintaining a formal structure of roles and positions.

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