Electronics Questions UGC NET 2008

  1. Describe various steps in photo etching IC fabrication ?
  2. State and Prove Norton's theorem?
  3. Classify different types of Oscillators?
  4. Mention Barkhausen's Criterion of Oscillation?
  5. Explain the block diagram of PLL?

  6. Write the difference between Closed And Open loop system?
  7. What is Positive logic and Negative Logic?
  8. State Thevenin's theorem & Superposition theorem?
  9. What is Multivibrator? Classify them
  10. Explain different types of Memory?
  11. What are Conditional operators in C?
  12. Explain various storage classes in C?
  13. Define Characteristic Impedance ,Input impedance and Standing Wave Ratio of Transmission line ?
  14. Write a short note on Logic State Analyzer?
  15. Define Numerical aperture and Critical angle?
  16. Explain the working of A/D converter?
  17. Describe the interrupts in 8085 Microprocessor?
  18. Explain the working of LASER & LED in optical fibers ?

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