Different Problems of Social Research and how they are solved?

Give the significance of social research also mention the different problems of social research and how they are solved?

Within the last 20 to 25 years, courses in methods of social research have come to occupy an increasingly important role in sociological curricula. It likely that at present every major university offers such courses. This is because growing significance of social research and also growing job opportunities in this field. The market analysis, the public opinion expert, the investigator of communication and propaganda all are growing facts for governmental and business needs. Knowledge of social research is useful for interpreting and weighing such reports. In this present age, social science are accruing a scientific method of study for this method, research is an important factor. In the last two or three decades, a social research has become an important subject of the curriculum of sociology. In fact almost all the universities, where sociology is taught, social research is a apart of the curriculum of the sociology. Social research has therefore, assumed greater importance. Apart from thus, the social science research is essential for proper understanding the society and proper collection and analysis of social facts. The social research is an effective method. Research laboratory techniques are helping in finding further knowledge, about the subject. Through research only it has been possible to make progress and reach further. It is part of man’s nature. The importance saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention and invention is the result if research. So long as necessity exists the research shall be these social science and particularly sociology has come occupy an importance place for us. In fact, research is an organized effort to acquire new knowledge. It is based on the past experience and past knowledge. The richer the past knowledge, greater the surely of the results. In science sociology is assuming a scientific base, research has become a part of study, it is not an easy task to predict social behavior because of human nature is ever changing. Problems of scientific social research In fact social research deals with social phenomena which are quite different than natural phenomena. Hence there are fundamental difference between research in social science and that of physical or natural science. Let us study main difficulities faced by the researcher in the application so scientific methods in social research. Complexity of social data It is a well known that social science studies the human behavior which depends on several factor such as physical, social, temperamental ,psychological, geographical, biological social cultural etc. because of these factors a researcher is generally confused. It is therefore said that because of this complexity of social fata human beings cannot be put to scientific test.

Problems of concepts:
In social science research, one has to face number of problems among which of a) Abstraction b) Faculty reasoning Plays major role in formulating and defining the concepts and laws.
Problems in interpreting relationship between cause and effects: In social science research, we generally find interdependent relationship between cause and effect. The cause and effect are one and the same, for example, in underdevelopment countries, the economics development cannot be accelerated due to lack of technical know how and capital cannot be obtained due to underdevelopment of the country.

Dynamic nature of social phenomena

Man is a social animal and human society undergoes constant change. What is true today may not be useful tomorrow. The techniques used in past may prove useless for present ad future studies. On a account of this dynamic nature of social phenomena our task of analyzing data becomes very much complicated and the interferences drawn may be misleading. Problems of maintaining objectivity The problem of impartiality in part of problem of objectivity. It is generally argued that the social scientific are less objective than natural scientific because their own interest affected by the finding of their studies, hence leading to prejudice and bias.

Predictability is one of the most important characteristics of science. In case of physical science, high degree of predictability is possible but it is not so in case of social data. but this statement is also partially true, the social scientist can roughly estimate the behavior of the group. Difficulty in the verification of the inferences: In social research, the events of social science are non repetitive and the social science are ill-equipped with their tools to verify inferences. Difficulty in the use of experimental method. In case of social science research its product being a human being cannot be put to laboratory test. Even if it is done, their responses wouldn’t be natural but subject to the awareness of the artificial condition. Thus social scientist has to watch them in wide world. Difficulty in the use of experimental method. In case of social science research, its product being a human being cannot be put to lab test. Even if it is done, their responses wouldn’t natural but subject to the awareness of the artificial condition. Thus the social scientist has to watch them in the wide world. Incapability of being dealt through empirical method: An empirical method cannot be applied in case of social science research as repeated experiment is not possible ,for example, the problem of unbiased sampling selection of data etc.

Problem of inter-disciplinary research

Social science being, inter-disciplinary one i.e related with, economics, political science and sociology, we cannot draw water-tight compartments for each other social science.

Paucity of funds:

In case of social science research, we generally observed that small amount if finance is made available to them, it is not sufficient to conduct research effectively.

Less resources:

Prof Mitchell has rightly pointed out that social science researcher require less resources in comparing to physical science.

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