Cold working of Metals

In cold rolling the metal is subjected to forces below its recrystallisation temperature to give it a desired shape. In cold rolling the deformation of metals is brought about by the process of slip of planes. Cold working results in better surface finish and close tolerances. It increases the strength and hardness of a metal.

The various methods of cold working are:

Shearing: a) Blanking  b) Punching  c) Trimming  d) Broaching  e) Burnishing  etc.

Drawing: a) Blank drawing  b) Wire drawing  c) Spinning  d) Embossing  e) Bulging

Squeezing: a) Cold rolling  b) Sizing  c) Stamping d) Coining  e) Rivetting

Bending: a) Roll forming  b) Seaming  c) Angle bending


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