It is a Housekeeping System Developed by the Japanese. It helps in Creating a Better Working. It also improves the quality process. In order to achieve high levels of quality, safety, and productivity, workers must have a conducive working.

5-S consists of

SEIRI – Organisation/Sort out

SEITON – Orderliness/Systemize

SEISO – The Cleaning/Shining


SHITSUKE - Sustain/Discipline


· Decide what you need.

· Remove unnecessary clutter.

· All tools, gauges, materials, classified and then stored.

· Remove items which are broken, unusable or only occasionally used.


· Once you have eliminated all the unneeded items, Now turn to the left over items and arrange them in order.

· Organize layout of tools and equipment

· Designated locations

· Use tapes and labels

· Ensure everything is available as it is needed and at the “point of use”

· Positions of aisles and storage places clearly marked.

· Tools classified and stored by frequency of use.

· Pallets stacked correctly.

· Safety equipment should be easily accessible.

· Floors should be in good condition.


· Create a spotless workplace

· Identify and eliminate causes of dirt and grime – remove the need to clean

· Sweep, dust, polish and paint

· Divide areas into zones

· Define responsibilities for cleaning

· Tools and equipment must be owned by an individual

· Focus on removing the need to clean


· Generate a maintenance system for the first three

· Develop procedures, schedules, practices

· Continue to assess the use and disposal of items

· Regularly audit using checklists and measures of housekeeping

· Real challenge is to keep it clean


· Means inoculate courtesy & good habits

· Driving force behind all 5S

· Make it a way of life

· Part of health and safety

· Involve the whole workforce

· Develop and keep good habits

Advantages of 5-S:

· Items are easy to locate.

· This leads to higher workstation efficiency, a fundamental goal in mass production.

· A clean and tidy workplace leads to greater well being and increased motivation

· Company image improves

· Health and Safety is ensured

· Well maintained machines

· Produces good Quality

· Productivity increases.

· Lean Manufacturing

· Smooth working, no obstruction

· Time saving

· Quick retrieval

· Accidents & mistakes minimized

· Increases space

· Creates workplace ownership

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