Tips for a Great Career in Biotechnology

As biotechnology is a multidisciplinary subject, it is advisable to pursue a cross-disciplinary education. The students can opt for different subjects, keeping in mind the area of biotechnology that they want to pursue later on. E.g. a combination of subjects like computers and life sciences can later on help in taking up the field of Bioinformatics.

It is also advisable to gain work experience in the field related to biotechnology during the undergraduate or post graduate courses especially through internship or volunteer work. The aspirants can join an active research group working on a particular field/ or a private company (Pharmaceuticals, food etc) or work with a specific project. One can associate with the organizations working in this field e.g. IUCN, WHO etc also. This work experience will fill the gap of hands on practical laboratory experience and the study of theory. The candidates will also be able to choose clearly their area of interest for higher research.

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