Problems/ drawbacks in pursuing career

A disadvantage which some of the people aspiring for career in Biotechnology suffer is, that there are not very many openings and jobs for undergraduate degree holders. The undergraduate degrees do not provide any training in research methodology and generally the emphasis remains on research in theory form. Due to the lack of on hand laboratory training, the students are not trained enough to carry out meaningful research and laboratory experiments. The practical knowledge is a must for carrying out research. Hence the undergraduate courses should be designed in such a way that the students get enough practical experience and sufficient training in research methodology.

There are very few companies which take graduates with no research experience. The remuneration offered at this level is also low. Therefore most of the students are left with no option but to go for post graduate courses.

The post graduates and doctorate holders have a very bright future with numerous pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology research organizations etc. As these Institutes and organizations have lots of grants and easy flow of funds, this helps them to carry out their work in the field of their choice, which in turn gives job and personal satisfaction.

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