Nature of Work in Biotechnology

It is mainly a research based field with lots of scope for research in the areas of medicine, agriculture, pharmaceuticals etc. A biotechnologist also can work in a pharmaceutical company which can engage him for research work or development of new drugs based on the principals of biotechnology. There is also scope for him in the field of marketing of biotechnological products.

The area of research is very lucrative as there is lot of public funding available nowadays. Also a biotechnologist can earn good money from the patency rights of various products and processes. In the area of medicine and health, biotechnology is being used to improve the diagnosis methods, discover and develop new medicines for diseases like AIDS, cancer etc. A variety of new vaccines are also being developed for diseases which are now cause of concern in the world over e.g. some of the viral infections prevalent in tropical countries.

A biotechnologist can work in the area of agriculture and animal husbandry where one can work on the improvement of agricultural output using tissue culture, checking the soil imbalance, improving the animal species using genetic breeding. Research is also on to develop environmentally friendly biochemicals and bioinsecticides. Besides this a biotechnologist can give authentification and do the testing of consumable items and skin products.

A biostatistician is also a lot in demand in this field.

Another area which is fast merging and has an important role to play in biotechnology is the field of legal characterization and formulations of law pertaining to Intellectual property rights, Patents and Patency law, copyrights etc of biotechnological products. Hence a lawyer with an understanding of biotechnology and having a specialization in this field would be in great demand in the years to come.

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