MHRD Scholarships - International scholarship UK

Course: Clinical Training in case of Medical field/Post-graduation/Ph.D.
Duration: 1 yr in case of Post-graduation/1yr.clinical Training/3 yrs. In case of Ph..D.
No.Of Scholorships: 55   (22 are for Ph.D. and 33 for Master’s Programme including one year clinical training in Medical field )
Notification: Employment News / Leading newspapers  during the month of    August/September
Value of Scholarships : Scholarships cover tourist-class air passage (both ways) fee, adequate maintenance and other allowance.

Subjects : Medicine (UK)  Cancer Research (including Cancer epidemiology); Cardiology, Gynecology, Medicine and Dentistry. Scholarships are assigned for project oriented training in higher techniques and methodology and are not for generalised training/studies leading to a degree or diploma.
Engineering & Technology- Electronics; Environmental Studies; Remote Sensing Technology; Communication Engineering; Bio- Technology/Biochemical Engineering; Robotics.
Science (Pure & Applied)  Mathematics; Molecular Biology; Physics and Chemistry (including Pharmaceutical/Medicinal Chemistry).
Agriculture & Allied Fields  Animal Husbandry; Agronomy and Forestry.
Humanities & Social Sciences  History; sociology; Management Studies; Fine Art; (including Western Painting, Art History, Graphic Design and Sculpture); Economics, Philosophy, Psychology, Computer Application, Law and English.

Eligibility : Indian national residing in India. The applications will normally be accepted from those candidates who have graduated first Master’s degree as per requirement within the last ten years as on October of the in-take year.The Candidates must have completed tertiary education in English Medium.

(A) For Master’ Degree: One must have completed Bachelor’s Degree in one of the above indicated subject fields securing 55% or above marks in Humanities and Social Science group and 60% or above marks in Medicine, Engineering & Technology, Science and Agriculture group. Candidate should give one page academic justification for pursuing Master Degree course in U.K.

(B) For Ph.D : One must have completed Master’s Degree in one of the subject fields indicated above securing 55% marks in Humanities and Social Science group and 60% or above marks in Medicine, Engineering and Technology, Science and Agriculture group with two years teaching/research or practical experience after obtaining Post-graduated degree relating to the opted field of study.Academic year commencing from October.

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