IAS Exam Papers-Main - Sociology (Paper - II) 1997

Sociology - 1997 (Main) (Paper - II)                                                                 SECTION A
1. Write short notes on any three of the following (each answer should not exceed 200 words each)
(a) Pluralism and national unity

(b) Industrial class structure in India

(c) Impact of Islam on Indian society

(d) Social consequences of occupational diversification

2. Outline the social factors related to generation gap. How has the generation gap led to the problems of youth unrest ?

3. Describe the sociocultural background of the political elites of contemporary India. What has been the influence of their background on their political orientations ?

4. Caste is becoming weaker and stronger at the same time in present day India. ' Discuss the factors responsible for continuity and change.

5. Write short on any three of the following (in not more than 200 words each) :

(a) Social proVirtual of slums

(b) Social dimensions of drug addiction

(c) Issues of tribal identity       

(d) Communal tensions in India

6. Describe the role played by education in social mobility.
Do you think that education has been the most important factor in accelerating social mobility in modern Indian society ? Give arguments in favour of your answer.

7. What changes have taken place in the tribal social stratification pattern in recent times ? Describe the factors responsible for these changes.

8. Describe the factors related to social movements. In the light of these factors explain the emergence of peasant movement in India.


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