IAS Exam Papers-Main - Public Administration (Paper - I) 2005

Time Allowed: Three Hours Maximum Marks: 300
Candidates should attempt" questions 1 and 5 which are compulsory, and any three of the remaining questions selecting at least one question from each Section. The number of marks carried by each question is indicated at the end of the question.

1. Answer any three of the following in not more than 200 words each: 3x20=60
(a) "Administrative question are not political questions." Discuss.
(b) "Organisation is a system of consciously coordinated activities or forces of two or more persons." Comment.
(c) In Follett's view, "authority belongs to the job and stays with the job." Explain.
(d) "The failure of classical science of administration lies in its capacity to confront theory with evidence." Discuss.

2. In what ways and how can information technology playa crucial role in effective government-citizen interaction in the context of good governance 60
3. "Today the content of administrative law is driven primarily by. the scope of public administration activity." Explain. 60
4. What is judicial activism? How far has it been successful in exercising a check over administration? 60


5. Answer any three of the following in not more than 200 words each: 3x20=60
(a) "Development administration is starved for theories which will guide the pooling of empirical knowledge, orient new research, and recommend administrative policy." Explain.
(b) "If positions are the raw material of classification, the class is the operating unit." Discuss.
(c) "The budget is an instrument of coordination." Explain.
(d) "No science of public administration is possible unless.... there is a body of comparative studies from which it may be possible to discover principles and generalities that transcend national boundaries and peculiar historical ecperiences." Discuss.
6. Why do public organisations evaluate employees' performance? How can performance evaluation systems affect employees' behaviour? How can administration effectively evaluate employees? 60
7. Give an assessment of the processes of policy formulation and discuss the problems of policy implementation. 60
8. Why does the issue of budgeting as politics versus budgeting as analysis remainimportant in the budgeting process? Do you agree that some synthesis of the two positions seems possible? Illustrate. 60

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