IAS Exam Papers-Main- Public Administration -(Paper - I) - 2007

1. Comments on any THREE of the following statements in notmore than 200 words each: 20×3=60

  • a)  The Field of Public Administration is a field of business. ( Woodrow Wilson )
  • b)  New Public Administration is  a revolution or radicalism in words , and ( at best ) status –quo in skill or technologies.
  • c)  Taylor’s contribution was not a set of general principles for organizing work efficiency , nut a set of operating procedures that could be employed in each concrete  situation to secure their application.
  • d)  The Barnard  Simon Theory of organization is essentially a theory of motivation.


2. Answer the following in about 300 words each: 30×2=60


  • a) Consider the statement below :
  • i). Technically, the bureaucracy represents the puresttype of legal rational authority
  • ii). Bureaucracy does not represent the only type oflegal authority Identify the theoretical context and analyze the aboveStatements.
  • b) Which of the model(s) in development administration is / are characterised by ‘ Selectivism’ , ‘ Attainment’ and ‘ Poly-functionalism’ ? Describe the corresponding theoretical roots and attributes.

3. It is said that - the perspective of public administration , developed over a century , with a tradition of management of Public institution and services has received a jolt from the novelty of New Public Management.Bring out the core values , approaches and assumptions of traditional public administration and show how the new new Public Management has attempted to change or retain them , and to what extent. 60

4. From Woodrow Wilson to Herbert Simon most writers on public administration have taken the achievement of efficiency as the central objective. Justify the statement with reference to the work of major writers.60


5. Answer any THREE of the following questions in not more than 200 words each: 20×3=60

a)There is no doubts that departmentalization is fraught with complexities. These are in part technical , in part political . Discuss.

b) Technical like PERT and CPM help in effective office management. Elaborate.

c)  non western states often , If not always , have unbalance politics , but these may not necessarily be bureaucratic politics. Discuss.

d) Yehezkel Dror’s normative models of policy making tend to be academic in perspective with poor operational utility. Comment.

6. Consider the statement below:

a). Self-Help Groups ( SHGs ) enables women to realize their full potential in some spheres of life.

b). Self-Help Groups ( SHGs ) are providing avenues of political mobilization. Examine the implication of these two statements and assess the potential of SHGs for development. 60

7. It is said that ‘ position classification’, as originally conceived is sound in terms of its operational characterics , but complicated and unresponsive in practice. Why is it still considered better than other models of civil service classification ? 60

8... even if policies are well organized , efficiently operated , widely utilized , adequately financed and supported , we may still ask , so what ? Do they work? What about their costs , outputs and impact ? Discuss. 60

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