IAS Exam Papers-Main - Public Administration (Paper - I) 2007

PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION  Paper- I Time Allowed: Three Hours Maximum Marks: 300 INSTRUCTIONS
Candidates should attempt all questions strictly in accordance with the instructions given under each questions. The number of marks carried by each question is indicated at the end of the question.

1. Answer any three of the following questions is not more than 200 words each: 20x3=60
(a) "Public and Private Administrations are two species of the same genus, but they also have special values and techniques of their own." Comment.
(b) "Taylor's scientific management ignored social and psychological factors." Comment.
(c) "The distinction between line and staff is relative rather than absolute." Discuss.
(d) "Delegated legislation is a necessary evil." Examine.

2. Analyze McGregor's Theory X and Theory Y. Do you agree with the view that with every passing year, McGregor's message has become more relevant and more important ?Substantiate your answer.                                         60
3. What is meant by morale? There is a belief that "morale and productivity go hand in hand and higher the morale, higher the productivity." Do you agree? Substantiate.             60
4.'Right to information promotes transparency and accountability in the working of every public authority”. Explain.                                         60

5. Answer any three of the following questions in not more than 200 words each: 20x3=60
(a) "People's participation is crucial to development administration." Comment.
(b) "Training is essential not only for efficiency and effectiveness but also for broadening the vision of the employees." Substantiate.
(c) "Not to be comparative is to be naively parochial" (Riggs). Comment.
(d) "Implementing a public policy is a process of discovering what works and what does not." Examine.
6. Bring out the various techniques of 0 & M adopted in India to improve efficiency in administration.                                     60
7."The widening gap in the emoluments of government employees versus the public sector corporations and private sector employees has a strong bearing on the motivation and ability to work." Comment.                                         60
8. What is performance budgeting? Bring out its merits, limitations and difficulties. 60

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