IAS Exam Papers-Main - Psychology (Paper -II) 2006

1. Write short notes on any 3 of the following (each note should not exceed 200 words):
(a) Rehabilitation of persons suffering from substance abuse.
(b) Role of Community Psychology in social change.
(c) Training for improving memory and better academic achievement.
(d) Advertising and marketing.
2. What do you mean by personnel selection and training? Explain the uses and importance of psychological tests in the industry.
3. What are the important psychological principles responsible for effective teaching and learning processes? Discuss in detail as to how Gifted and Retarded can be trained.
4. Describe the concept of Community Psychology. Explain some of the important factors responsible for arousing community consciousness and action plan in handling social problems.

5. Write short notes on any 3 of the following (each note should not exceed 200 words):
(a) Role of military psychologists in defence.
(b) Impact of rapid scientific and technological growth on degradation of environment.
(c) Identify the effective measures for motivating and training people for entrepreneurship and economic development.
(d) Psychological consequences of population explosion and density.
6. What do you mean by psychology of terrorism? Explain some of the important strategies to deal with terrorism and insurgency.
7. Describe the role of psychologists in the present scenario of information technology and mass media boom. Suggest some of the important techniques in making IT more popular in rural areas.
8. Are the concepts of disadvantage, deprivation and social deprivation synonymous? Suggest some important strategies for educating and motivating disadvantaged towards development.

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