IAS Exam Papers-Main - Psychology (Paper -II) 2008

1. Write Short Notes on any Three of the following ( Each one should not exceed 200 words ) : - (20 × 3 = 60)
(a) Enumerate the methods of assessing validity of a personality inventory and highlight their significance.
(b) Distinguish ‘alcoholism’ from ‘social drinking’ and discuss the factors contributing to alcoholism.
(c) Critically evaluate the research finding relating to the influence of media on aggression and violence.
(d) Discuss the salient features of behaviour therapy. Comment on its applicability to the Indian Community.
2. Describe the various techniques used in improving memory. Discuss their merits and demerits for teaching students in undergraduate courses. (60)
3. Explain the nature and advantages of client centered therapy. Critically evaluate its utility in treating various psychological problems. (60)
4. Discuss the psychological and cognitive problems of AIDS patients. Explain the facilities essential for their rehabilitation. (60)

5. Write Short Notes on any Three of the following (Each one should not exceed 200 words): - (20 × 3 = 60)
(a) Describe various psychological factors contributing to violence. Suggest strategies to be used for rehabilitation of the victims.
(b) Discuss the psychological effects of noise pollution. Support your answer with recent research finding.
(c) Discuss various rights of consumers. Critically evaluate the effect of consumer awareness on consumer behaviour.
(d) How can media contribute to prosocial behaviour by applying principle of psychology.
6. Discuss the role of information technology in the process of formal education. Critically evaluate its effectiveness for motivating a learner. (60)
7. Discuss and critically evaluate the contribution of military psychology in defence. (60)
8. Discuss the contribution of David McCleland in the field of motivation. Discuss the salient feature of conducive environment for enhancement of achievement motivation. (60)

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