IAS Exam Papers-Main -Philosophy (Paper - I) 2009

Philosophy - 2009 (Main) (Paper - I) SECTION  A
1. Comments short notes on any THREE of the following in not more than 200 words each: 20×3=60
a) Interactionism in the philosophical context.
b) The rational is real and real is rational.Comment.
c) To be is to be perceived Discuss.
d) Existence precedes essence  Comment.

2. a). Compare the views of Leibniz and Hume on the conceptof substance. 30

b). Examine how Ayer eliminates metaphysics. 30

3. a). What are Quine’s objections with regard to theverification theory of meaning? 30

b). Compare the view of Spinoza and Sartre on Freedom. 30

4. Comment on each of the following in about 200 wordseach: 20×3=60

a). Plato’s analogy of the cave and its significance in histheory of knowledge.

b). Kant’s objections against the ontological argument for theexistence of God.

c). Descares’ mind body dualism and Strawson’s response toit.


5. Write short notes on any three of the following in about 200words each: 20×3=60
a). Anekantavada
b). Adhyasa
c). Hetvabhasa according to Nyaya
d). Conception of Kaivalya according to yoga.

6. Compare Aristotle’s view regarding causation with that ofthe Samkhya School’s view of causation. 60

7. Compare the view points of Nyaya , Vaisesika , Mimanshaand Buddhism on the issue of knowledge of abhava. 60

8. Compare Patanjali’s Yoga with Integral Yoga expound by Aurobindo bringing out clearly points of similarity and dissimilarity. 60


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