IAS Exam Papers-Main - Anthropology (Papers II) 1999

1. Write notes on any three of the following in about 200 words each :

  • (a) Proto-Neolithic
  • (b) Great Traditions
  • (c) Sacred Complex
  • (d) Dominant Caste

2. Critically examine various sources of India's culture and civilization. Also distinguish between primary and secondary civilization.

3. Point out the salient features of traditional joint family system in India. Trace causes for its disintegration in recent decades.

4. Distinguish between sanskritization and desanskritization. Critically examine impact of sanskritization on social mobility in India.

5. Write notes on any three of the following in about 200 words each :

(a) Tribal Sub-Plan

(b) Sustainable Development

(c)Jharkhand Movement

(d) Land Alienation in tribal India

6. Critically examine the forest policy in India right since the British period. Discuss its impact on tribal people.

7. Bring out, with suitable examples, the constraints of educational development of tribal communities in India. Suggest remedial measures in this context.

8. Discuss the problem of tribal displacement in India. To what extent, are development policies responsible for such displacement ? Also explain the role of NGOs in providing the remedial measures to the affected people.

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