British Council IELTS Scholarship

The British Council is delighted to announce the launch of the British Council IELTS Scholarship for Indian students planning to study at universities overseas. In line with its mission to promote the global sharing of knowledge and ideas, the British Council will select eight students from India, each of whom will receive an award of Rs.3,00,000 towards the cost of tuition fees.

Application procedure:

  • Take an IELTS test with the British Council and receive your scores.
  • Download and complete the application form and go through the FAQs.
  • Last date for completed applications is 31 July 2010. You must complete selection Task.
  • Forty applicants will be shortlisted. We will notify you via email by 6 August 2010 whether you have been short-listed. Short-listed applicants will be required to make a ten minute presentation on a topic that will be communicated, followed by a brief interview.
  • We must receive from the short-listed applicants a letter of acceptance from the university you plan to attend prior to 20 August 2010.
  • Failure to submit your letter of acceptance by the 20 August deadline will result in your immediate removal from the short-list of applicants.
  • We will notify all short-listed applicants of the final result by email by 31 August 2010.


  • Be a citizen of India.
  • Begin full time postgraduate study outside India in 2010.
  • Attend a higher education institution that accepts IELTS as part of its admission requirements.
  • Have a valid IELTS score, with a minimum band score average 6.5.
  • Have taken their most recent IELTS test with the British Council.
  • Be able to provide an acceptance letter from the attending institution by 20 August 2010.

Important Documents

An original hard copy of your application should be sent to

IELTS Scholarship
British Council
British Deputy High Commission
737 Anna Salai, Chennai, Tamil Nadu – 600002

The complete application must be received by us by 31 July 2010.


Important Points:

  • If you are awarded a full tuition scholarship for 2010 after you apply for the British Council IELTS
  • Scholarship Award, please inform us so we can withdraw your application.
  • As this is a British Council IELTS scholarship, an essential eligibility criterion is that you must take your IELTS test with the British Council. If you are unsure whether your test centre meets this requirement, please contact your British Council IELTS Scholarship team at:
  • You can go to and get information on upcoming test dates and centres.
  • IELTS scores are valid for two years, and so you can use a British Council IELTS score earned from July 2008 onwards.
  • Only short-listed applicants need to provide an acceptance letter from the university they will attend by 20 August 2010. This university must use IELTS scores to satisfy their English language requirements for admission.
  • Students may use the award at any university in any country outside India that recognises IELTS for the purposes of post graduate admission requirements. You can search a worldwide list of recognising universities at
  • ( However, global IELTS recognition is growing all the time and if the university you plan to attend is not listed we strongly recommend you contact the university directly for confirmation of their latest requirements.
  • The award can only be applied toward your tuition fees.
  • The scholarship will be awarded directly to the university you will attend, after the British Council has officially confirmed your status with that university.
  • Short-listing will be carried out by the British Council. We will use selection Task A for short-listing purposes. Carefully check task completion criteria on the application form. The final eight winning scholars will be chosen by a panel from the higher education and / or corporate sectors in India. A senior British Council officer will also sit on the panel. The shortlisted students will be required to make a short presentation and attend an interview. The panel will decide on the winning students after the interview.
  • Eight scholars will receive an award to the value of Rs.3,00,000 each.

Terms & Conditions

(1) Application: your application (including anything you add at interview or afterwards) should be accurate, not omit any facts that are relevant and not be misleading. If we find that there are significant errors or omissions in the information you have supplied to us in the course of your application you will not be offered a scholarship, or you will have your scholarship withdrawn or terminated.

(2) Selection: the selection process will be fair. No applicant will have, or should seek or accept, any unfair advantage. If we find that you have secured an unfair advantage in the selection process we reserve the right not to offer you a scholarship, or withdraw or terminate your scholarship.

(3) Entry clearance: you must tell us when you apply if there is anything (such as previous convictions or associations with terrorist organisations) that may be an impediment to securing a visa or entry clearance to study overseas. If for any reason you cannot obtain a visa to study in the desired country of study, then the British Council may withdraw the offer of a scholarship. You should not make commitments, especially commitments with financial consequences, unless you are certain that there will be no impediment to you securing a visa or entry clearance to study.

(4) Offer withdrawal: British Council reserves the right to withdraw the offer of an IELTS Scholarship if in its sole determination it believes that the circumstances are such that this is in the best interests of the applicant or the British Council.

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