Best Tips for Interview Success

1) Prepare for the interview extensively: review your application, learn about the school/College/Job, and prepare answers for the typical questions

2) Practice answering questions aloud before the interview until you can handle all types of questions confidently

3) Walk into the interview with an air of confidence and professionalism. Offer a firm handshake and a professional demeanor

4) Listen carefully to the interviewer's questions and answer accordingly. Don't babble incessantly about a related topic or answer the question you wish he had asked

5) Be yourself. If your answers are ambiguous or inconsistent. Don't send out any unnecessary warning signs.

Your success will ultimately depend on your ability to sell yourself to the interviewer. (S)he is seeking the following traits:

MaturityCommunication SkillsHonestyMotivation
High Energy LevelConfidencePrideInitiative
Listening SkillsSense of HumorAnalytical SkillsLeadership Potential

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