Who is the best player?

Question: Anna, her brother - Andre, her daughter - Ami, and her son, Adam are tennis players. As a game of doubles
1. Anna's brother is directly across the net from Ami.
2. Adam is diagonally across the net from the worst player's sibling.
3. The best player and the worst player are on the same side of the  net.


The best player is Andre.
Find out all possible arrangement such that no condition is contradicted.
From (1), there are two possible arrangements. Discarding two arrangements which are identical to following two.
Andre Anna Andre Adam
------------------ AND ------------------
Ami Adam Ami Anna
(I) (II)

From (2), Anna is the worst player in Case I and Adam is the worst player in Case II.
From (3), Andre is the best player in both the cases.
Hence, the best player is Andre.

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