Wagon Driver

Question: Once a week a wagon driver leaves his hut and drives his wagon to the river dock to pick up supplies for his town. At 4:05 PM, one-fifth of the way to the dock, he passes the Temple. At 4:15 PM, one-third of the way, he passes the Preetam-Da-Dhabaa. At what time does he reached the dock?



At 4:05 PM, the wagon driver passes the temple, one-fifth of the way to the dock. Also, at 4:15 PM, he passes the Preetam-Da-Dhabaa, one-third of the way. Thus, he travels 2/15 (1/3 - 1/5) of the distance in 10 minutes.

At 4:15 PM, he has already travelled 1/3 of the distance. Thus 2/3 of the way is remaining, which can be travelled in

= ( (2/3) * 10 ) / (2/15)  = 50 minutes

At 4:15, he was at Preetam-Da-Dhabaa.and remaining way will take 50 more minutes. Hence, the driver will reach at 5:05 PM to the dock.

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