Suit Color

Question: Mr. Black, Mr. White and Mr. Grey were chatting in the Yahoo conference. They were wearinga black suit, a white suit and a grey suit, not necessarily in the same order.

Mr. Grey sent message, "We all are wearing suit that are of the same color as our names but none of us is wearing a suit that is the same color as his name."

On that a person wearing the white suit replied, "What difference does that make?" Can you tell what color suit each of the three persons had on?



Mr. Grey is wearing Black suit.

Mr. White is wearing Grey suit.

Mr. Black is wearing White suit.

Mr. Grey must not be wearing grey suit as that is the same colour as his name. Also, he was not wearing white suit as the person wearing white suit responded to his comment. So Mr Grey must be wearing a black suit.

Similarly, Mr. White must be wearing either black suit or grey suit. But Mr. Grey is wearing a black suit. Hence, Mr. White must be wearing a grey suit.

And, Mr. Black must be wearing white suit.


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