Marital Status

Question: While sitting in a club where all single men tell the truth and all married men lie, a woman is approached by three men.
She asks the first guy if he is married, but the music is so loud that she can not hear his answer.
So she turns to the second guy, who tells her, "The first guy said, 'I am married', but he is really single."
Then she turns to the third guy, who says, "The second guy is single."
Can you determine the marital status of each of the three men?


All three are married.
A single man would always say that he is single. And a married man would also always say that he is single. It means that no man in the club would say that he is married. Thus, the second man is lying, so the second man is married.
Since the second man (always lies) says the first man is single, the first man is married.
Similarly, the third man incorrectly says that the second man is single. Hence, the third man is lying and he is married.
Thus, all three are lying and hence, married.

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