Letters arranged on the 4 blocks

Question: There are 4 blocks each with 6 sides. Each side has a letter from the alphabet. No letters are ever repeated. By arranging the blocks in different ways they spell all the words listed below: BODY, MAZE, CURT, MOVE, DRAW, NOTE, FEAR, PICK, HUNT, QUIT, JOKE, SNOB, KNEW, TYPE, LIFE

Can you figue out how the letters are arranged on the 4 blocks?



(C, D, E, H, Q, S), (A, B, K, L, T, V), (F, O, P, U, W, Z), (I, J, M, N, R, Y)

Out of the 26 letters in the alphabet, G and X are not used.

There are 7 words with letter 'E' - MAZE, MOVE, NOTE, FEAR, JOKE, KNEW, TYPE, LIFE. It means that none of the letters in these 7 words can be on the same block as the letter 'E'. Hence, the other 5 letters must be from B, C, D, H, Q, S, U.

As BODY is one of the possible word, B and D can not be on the same block. Similary, C and U also can not be on the same block as CURT is one of the possible word. Hence, E, H, Q, S are on the same block.

Also, S and B can not be on the same block (SNOB). Q and U can not be on the same block (QUIT). Hence, first Block contains C, D, E, H, Q, S

Now, write down 4 rows each with A to Z, except G and X. Take each word one by one, remove not possible letters and circle the possible letters.

The letters on four blocks are:

Block 1 : C, D, E, H, Q, S

Block 2 : A, B, K, L, T, V

Block 3 : F, O, P, U, W, Z

Block 4 : I, J, M, N, R, Y

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