IT Certifications

Information Technology (IT) is a rapidly growing field, and the knowledge possessed by IT professionals cuts a wide swath. With so much information out there and technologies changing every day, getting certified is the best way to differentiate yourself from competing job candidates and prove your contemporary skills to hiring managers and employers.


While certifications don’t guarantee you a position, they often put a job candidate’s resume over the top or gain you a decent pay premium over non-certified competitors.


Benefits of IT Certifications

  • Certified project managers are among the highest paid professionals in the IT industry; the average salary of certified holders is more than 10% wrt to peers.
  • Certification is an unbiased endorsement of your project management knowledge and professional experience on a global level.
  • Certifications are not based on one specific methodology, so they are flexible, adaptable,and easily transferred between industries, market segments, and locales.
  • Certifications show that you have demonstrated excellence in the PM field by meeting standard requirements established by leading project management practitioners.
  • Earning the latest certifications proves your awareness of changing processes,terminology, and best practices in the PM field.
  • Certifications build self confidence; with a branded credential you define yourself beyond a job title while gaining a sense of personal satisfaction.
  • Certifications mean increased job security and credibility in your current position.
  • Getting certified proves your commitment to the project management profession.
  • Getting certified opens the door to numerous career opportunities; many leading organizations only consider branded certified candidates for project management positions.

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