IAS Exam Papers-Main - Geography (Paper -II) 2007

Geography - 2007 (Main) (Paper - II)  1. Mark on the outline map of India supplied any ten of the following entries. Write brief notes (not exceeding 30 words each) on the significant aspects of the same ten entries: 6x10=60

(a). Nagarjuna Sagar
(b). Dharmasala
(c). Aizawl
(d). Konkan Railway

(e). Kovalam Beach

(f). NagaIjuna Sagar

(g). Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary


(i). Vishakhapatnam Port

(j). Panna

(k). Nuclear Fuel Complex

(l). Gurgaon

(m). Bodh Gaya

2. Explain the different views put forth about the origin of Himalayas and divide Himalayas into vertical divisions. 60

3. Discuss the need of conservation and utility of water resource in India. 60

4."The institutional factors have grip over the crop pattern and crop productivity on Indian agriculture." Justify. 60


5. Answer any three of the following in about 200 words each: 20x3=60

a) Discuss the policies and programmes of Integrated Rural Development Programmes in India.

(b) Explain the causes and consequences of migration.

(e) Write a critical note on the Cauvery River Dispute.

(d) Critically examine the Panchayati Raj setup.

6. Bring out the impact of multinationals and liberalization on the Industrial Economy Pattern of India. 60

7. Discuss environmental problems of India in the context of rapid economic development and population growth. 60

8."Slums are urban menace." Elucidate with Indian cities as examples. 60

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