How much you have earned?

Question: If you started a business in which you earned Rs.1 on the first day, Rs.3 on the second day, Rs.5 on the third day, Rs.7 on the fourth day, & so on. How much would you have earned with this business after 50 years (assuming there are exactly 365 days in every year)?



To begin with, you want to know the total number of days: 365 x 50 = 18250.

By experimentation, the following formula can be discovered, & used to determine the amount earned for any particular day: 1 + 2(x-1), with x being the number of the day. Take half of the 18250 days, & pair them up with the other half in the following way: day 1 with day 18250, day 2 with day 18249, & so on, & you will see that if you add these pairs together, they always equal Rs.36500.

Multiply this number by the total number of pairs (9125), & you have the amount you would have earned in 50 years.

Math gurus may use series formula to solve it.(series: 1,3,5,7,9,11.....upto 18250 terms)


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