Five Horse in a Race

Question: Five horses ran in the race.

* There were no ties.

* Sikandar did not come first.

* Star was neither first nor last.

* Mughal Glory came in one place after Sikandar.

* Zozo was not second.

* Rangila was two place below Zozo.

In what order did the horses finish?


Let's find the possible places horses can finish. Possibilities are:

Sikandar - 2,3,4 (not 5th as Mughal Glory came one place after him)

Star - 2,3,4

Mughal Glory - 3,4,5

Zozo - 1,3 (not 4th & 5th as Rangila is two place after him)

Rangila - 3,5

So the result is:

1 Zozo

2 Star

3 Rangila

4 Sikandar

5 Mughal Glory

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