Finding Age

Question: Pooja and Esha met each other after long time. In the course of their conversation, Pooja asked Esha her age. Esha replied, "If you reverse my age, you will get my husband's age. He is of course older than me. Also, the difference between our age is 1/11th of the sum of our age."
Can you help out Pooja in finding Esha's age?


Esha's age is 45 years.

Assume that Esha's age is 10X+Y years. Hence, her hunsbands age is (10Y + X) years.

It is given that difference between their age is 1/11th of the sum of their age. Hence,

[(10Y + X) - (10X + Y)] = (1/11)[(10Y + X) + (10X + Y)]

(9Y - 9X) = (1/11)(11X + 11Y)

9Y - 9X = X + Y

8Y = 10X

4Y = 5X

Hence, the possible values are X=4, Y=5 and Esha's age is 45 years.

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