Cabin Numbers

Question: Six cabins numbered 1-6 consecutively, are arranged in a row and are separated by thin dividers. These cabins must be assigned to six staff members based on following facts.
1. Miss Shalaka's work requires her to speak on the phone frequently throughout the day.
2. Miss Shudha prefers cabin number 5 as 5 is her lucky number.
3. Mr. Shaan and Mr. Sharma often talk to each other during their work and prefers to have adjacent cabins.
4. Mr. Sinha, Mr. Shaan and Mr. Solanki all smoke. Miss Shudha is allergic to smoke and must have non-smokers adjacent to her.
5. Mr. Solanki needs silence during work.
Can you tell the cabin numbers of each of them?


The cabins from left to right (1-6) are of Mr. Solanki, Mr. Sinha, Mr. Shaan, Mr. Sharma,
Miss Shudha and Miss Shalaka.
From (2), cabin number 5 is assigned to Miss Shudha.
As Miss Shudha is allergic to smoke and Mr. Sinha, Mr. Shaan & Mr. Solanki all smoke, they must be in cabin numbers 1, 2 and 3 not necessarily in the same order. Also, Miss Shalaka  and Mr. Sharma must be in cabin 4 and 6.
From (3), Mr. Shaan must be in cabin 3 and Mr. Sharma must be in cabin 4. Thus, Miss Shalaka is in cabin 6.
As Mr. Solanki needs silence during work and Mr. Shaan is in cabin 3 who often talks to Mr. Sharma during work, Mr. Solanki must be in cabin 1. Hence, Mr. Sinha is in cabin 2.

Thus, the cabins numbers are
1# Mr. Solanki,
2# Mr. Sinha,
3# Mr. Shaan,
4# Mr. Sharma,
5# Miss Shudha,
6# Miss Shalaka

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