Author and the Publisher of novels

Question: There are 4 novels - Thriller, Mystery, Romance and Science Fiction - writen by Ambrose,
Richards, Hooper and Walsh, and published by Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Theta not in necessarily in the same order.
* The book by Ambrose is published by Theta.
* The Thriller is published by Alpha.
* The Science Fiction novel is by Hooper and is not published by Gamma.
* The Romance novel is by Walsh.
Who are the Author and the Publisher of each novels?



(Thriller-Richards-Alpha), (Mystery-Ambrose-Theta), (Romance-Walsh-Gamma), (Science
From (1), (2) and (3) the Science Fiction novel is by Hooper and published by Beta.
From (4) the Romance novel is by Walsh and published by Gamma.
Now it is obvious that the Mystery is published by Theta and written by Ambrose. And the
Thriller is published by Alpha and written by Richards.
Novel       Type          Author Publisher
Thriller      Richards       Alpha
Mystery    Ambrose      Theta
Romance  Walsh          Gamma
Science    Fiction        Hooper Beta

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