Tips on how to ace a Group Discussion

The objective of GD is not to test the ability of the individual on the subject being discussed, but GD is the test the soft skills of the candidate and these are skills which are not known with written test or by interviews.Group discussion topics are generic in nature and would be generally known to each participant
GD is the test of leadership, how a person put forward his thoughts, how does he takes up the point of view of others, how does he motivates the other members in the group to participate in discussion, how to lead the group from and settle with the opposite side (view point),how effectively and precisely he puts his point of view, How is handles the group mannerisms, How does he summarise and conclude the topic, how is he able to assimilate thoughts as well as be an active licener.

We would suggest that one should not worry about the in depth of his/her knowledge of the subject, but rather give importance to group dynamic skills.

  1. Take some time to effective think on the broad points to be discussed
  2. Estimate the time requirements
  3. Try to start the topic, If you seem to be confident
  4. If not confident, wait until the group starts the discussion so that you understand the topic and then take ahead.
  5. Give your view point of view in brief and through the discussion/ give opportunity to others.
  6. Listen carefully , attentively to others,
  7. motivate passive ones in between interrupting(politely) to those who are trying to dominate the group so as others who are hesitating in the discussion could also participate- this will ensure that people look forward for you to take the control of the entire discussion
  8. always ensure to make points assertively and not aggressively..there by making it not so controversial
  9. if your point of view is being negated by most of the members , accept with humility with some strong reasons as your personal opinion, however you could think otherwise as well
  10. if your point of view is accepted by the group, cheers, give some consolation to your opponents, and say as this is their point of view but afraid to accept as group view

In a discussion do not be harsh, Always Remember, its a discussion and not a debate hence be polite and humble, and do listen carefully to your peers.

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