Leadership Skill Interview Questions

Leadership Skill

  1. Have you taken advantage of the opportunities available to you on campus to become involved in a complete people-oriented activity?
  2. Have you taken a leadership role in such an activity? How involved were you? How did you help the organization?
  3. Describe the most outstanding leader you have ever worked with and how you are similar to this person. How are you different?
  4. What have you found to be the most significant obstacles in getting people to take action? How have you handled the ese obstacles? It is sometimes desirable to lead other people by setting a positive example.
  5. Describe a work situation when your example served as a model for others.
  6. Describe a time when you had to take a leadership role in coaching or instructing someone. What were you providing instructions on? How did you assess the learner's comprehension of the problem? What feedback did you provide?
  7. In your view, how does leadership fit into the role of a xxx?
  8. What is your strongest leadership skill and how will it assist you in this profession?

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