Law School- Law/Legal as a Profession interview Questions

Law as a Profession

  1. why do you want to be a lawyer?
  2. What stimulated your interest in law?
  3. If you want to -help people, why not medicine? Social Work? Teaching?
  4. What experience crystallized your decision to become a lawyer?
  5. Which area of law are you most interested in?
  6. What kind of experiences do you have in the law field?
  7. How do you know you will make a good lawyer?
  8. Why do you think so many people want to be lawyers?
  9. What steps have you taken to familiarize yourself with the daily activities of a lawyer?
  10. How did you investigate a career in law?
  11. How do your parents and friends feel about your career decision? How have they influenced you in this decision?
  12. What contribution to law can you make?
  13. What type of lawyer would you like to be? Why?
  14. Do you have family members who are lawyers? What do they think of the field? How have their lives changed over the past few years with the changes in law? Do you want to follow in their footsteps?
  15. What are your specific goals in law?
  16. What do you look for when choosing a lawyer?
  17. What are the negative aspects of law from a professional standpoint?
  18. What do you think are a lawyer’s social responsibilities? How do you plan to personally contribute to society as a lawyer?
  19. What experiences have you had in community involvement that demonstrates your commitment to law.


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