Improve your critical thinking

BrainThe cognitive skills of a human being determines his quality of life – any winding path of normal day to day living - reasoning and logical skills defines the boundary!

Unused skills wither over time, and cognitive skills are no exception. Weak cognitive skills can be strengthened and normal cognitive skills can be enhanced with conscious effort, to increase ease and performance in learning.

Given below are few practical means of improving your critical thinking ability.


  • Try remembering things in day to day life than storing to your PDA devices!
  • Try to remember the mobile numbers of your close and dear

Challenge yourself - just ten minutes of mental activity a day might be enough to reduce your risks of mental decline.

  • Games which involves strategy- like Puzzle / Sudoku
  • Keep your brain sharp and toned with regular exercise

Game 1: Find the Missing !!

A good game for students to get acquainted with numbers, operations and puzzles

Description of the game

Find the missing operations.. (Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division)

Number (missing operation) number (operation)= number

The fun is to find the operations which give the result, the end number!

Example: 3----- 6 ----2 +1 =10

The BODMAS – the precedence of operations also need to be taken care

One possible solution is : 3 * 6/ 2 +1 = 10

Ie, 6/2= 3 mutipley by 3 add one … u get 10


The game can be made hard by including negative numbers, more operations etc


There would be more than one possibility for the question and the scoring will depends upon how many possibilities can be arrived

This can be played in a smaller group.

This game doesn’t require a paper or pen hence can be played while traveling or during leisure time

These are good exercise for school going students to improve their computation skills

Game 2: Memory test

  • Take 15 to 20 items that we see in our normal day to day living
  • Analyze them for 10 minutes
  • Keep the item away
  • Try to recall the items in a span of 15 minutes..


  • Try forming a logical story / flow of remembering the things
  • Think of an incident where you used those items…

A well functioning mind can reduce occasions of degenerative brain diseases and other brain related diseases.

These enable a student to develop a good learning skills, cognitive skills which helps to develop the learning skills of students these allows to process the sensory information we come across and henceforth analyze, evaluate , retain the relevant information’s compare the options, recall and come to a consensus.

Where there is a will there is a way!.. give it a try.. Its worth it

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